Travel Notes IPA 6.5% – Northern Monk x Lonely Planet x Fieldwork

The folks behind one of the most popular travel guidebooks in the world, Lonely Planet, help travellers explore the vibrant world of craft beer through their Global Beer Tour book. The book highlights the finest bars, breweries and taps in the world. This year, the guidebook featured thirty-two breweries from the United States, Belgium, New Zealand, Africa, Asia, South America and the Middle East. It also provides recommendations for sightseeing activities and must-see places to check out on your search for the best beers in the world. Other useful information for beer lovers includes the ideal snacks to accompany your beer and how to ask for a beer in the local language.

The Travel Notes IPA highlights flavours that were found during Lonely Planet’s Global Beer Tour. This craft beer was brewed in partnership with two breweries—England-based Northern Monk and California Brewery Fieldwork. This beer has the flavours of five different continents. It contains ingredients sourced from all around the world, including wheat hops, malted barley, acai berries, mangoes and yeast.

Lonely Planet’s Travel Notes IPA is 6.5 percent ABV. The combination of ingredients produces notes of grapefruit, grass, citrus and passion fruit. The palate is semi-dry and light. The head is a pale cream colour. The beer comes in a 440ml can that features exciting and colourful scenes from the five continents where the ingredients for this brew were sourced.

For the perfect finish to any journey, try the Travel Notes IPA at the end of your next adventure.

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