Try Something New from Stillhouse Black Bourbon

Stillhouse Spirits Co. is known for their sturdy stainless steel cans and highly acclaimed whiskey. Now they’re releasing a new batch – Stillhouse Black Bourbon. This release marks the first ever bourbon rested and mellowed in roasted coffee beans.

Never one to follow a trend or copy the industry, Stillhouse continues to impress with their wide array of whiskey varieties. The Stillhouse Black Bourbon is a masterful blend of ingredients including; corn, rye, barley, and limestone water distilled and chilled to the optimal degree. Next this whiskey is barreled in charred American Oak barrels and then sent through a charcoal filter before being rested upon small batch coffee beans, and given plenty of time to mellow.

This process results in a melding of bold coffee beans and rich ingredients, creating a soft and strong combination of caramel and coffee notes. These notes blend together in harmony to satisfy a full bodied and remarkably smooth finish.

Stillhouse Black Bourbon is sold in their unmistakable 750ml stainless steel cans, look good on the shelf, and taste amazing in your belly.

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