The Upside Down is a Stranger Things-Themed Pop Up Bar

Thanks to a new pop up bar in Chicago, binge watching while binge drinking is no longer something you’re stuck doing at home. Stranger Things-themed watering hole The Upside Down joins our two favourite pastimes to stunning effect. Expect a decor straight out of Hawkins, IN, show-inspired cocktails (including one with an Eggo waffle garnish), occasional live music and some “special mystery guests”. Fun is the operative word here, folks.

drinking glass put on the table

For those who have been living in a cave without Wi-Fi, Stranger Things was an indisputable pop culture sensation upon its debut in 2016. Striking the perfect balance between Stephen King and 80s Spielberg, the Netflix series appealed to virtually all ages and types. The show was also a modern TV benchmark for cinematic visuals and themes of friendship. Accordingly, The Upside Down is as much art instalation as it is social haunt. Throw booze into the mix and you’ve got yourself a classic late summer dance party overflowing with eye-catching stimuli.

upside down pop up bar dining

With season 2 right around the corner, there’s simply no better way to pass the time than by hitting up a bar that looks straight off the set. It certainly beats sitting at home while anxiously searching the Internet for early leaks.

Check it out

pop up bar display

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