Virgil Abloh Designs Reusable Evian Water Bottle

Since he burst onto the scene in 2009, having shared a Fendi internship with rapper Kanye West, the distinctive stylings of Virgil Abloh have not gone unnoticed, with the Ghanaian/American creative rising quickly through the ranks of his industry to gain the respect of the world of fashion in a relatively short space of time.

Others, this writer included, think that people just like to say “Virgil Abloh” out loud (go on, try it.)

Ver-Jull-Abb-Low. Mesmerising.

However you look at it, his sway as a designer, through his Milanese Off-White fashion house, is palpable.

Having already been tapped by brands such as Nike and IKEA, not to mention his role as artistic director for Louis Vuitton‘s menswear line, the much-celebrated designer has now turned his hand to the world of boujie H2O.

Pairing up with French water suppliers Evian, and purveyors of (arguably overpriced) glass water bottles Soma, Abloh has designed a refillable glass water bottle, for fans of The Virg who like to stay hydrated on the go.

Sharing stark similarities with Soma bottles already in existence, the new release features “RAINBOW INSIDE” text in Off-White’s iconic sans serif font up the side, in reference to the fact that rainbows are made out of water, apparently (well, light too, but who wants to get technical about a water bottle?).

Announced via Evian’s Instagram page, the bottle, which was designed by Virgil in his official capacity as Evian’s “Creative Advisor for Sustainable Innovation Design”, is due to be released in the near future, though no exact date has yet been given by the bottled water behemoth, nor a price, though a Soma bottle in its original format costs USD$30. It features shatter-resistant glass, a bamboo lid and a silicone sleeve with the company’s logo in grey. The “RAINBOW INSIDE” text will be available in pink, purple, light blue, and dark blue options.

One would also assume that a refillable water bottle would seem like a poor investment for a company which makes its beans flogging bottled water, though given Abloh’s title, it looks as though they’re jumping onto the environmental bandwagon; it will be interesting to see how this role develops.

The Off-White X Evian X Soma water bottle will be available from Matches Fashion, when released.