Willie Shares His Remedy with CBD Infused Coffee

A lot has been said about Colombian coffee—so much so that nearly every coffee company makes a claim on the region being their supplier for high quality coffee beans. Willie’s Remedy makes the same claim, listing the Santuario region as their source. Of course, there’s a reason why Colombia has risen to the top as a coffee bean supplier. Their beans produce a rich and flavorful coffee with a powerful aroma and a satisfying taste. Willie’s Remedy takes advantage of those traits to create a medium-dark blend with balanced acidity. The coffee is a blend of three bean varieties: Castillo, Colombia, and Caturra.

Willie CBD infused Coffee

What makes Willie’s Remedy different from other Colombian coffees is that Willie’s infuses certified organic, full-spectrum hemp oil grown in Colorado into each cup. According to the company, when brewed correctly, each cup of Willie’s Remedy will contain seven milligrams of hemp-derived CBD. “All Willie’s Remedy products are infused with full-spectrum hemp oil made from crops organically grown by American farmers,” states the company in a press release.

And who is the mastermind behind this CBD infused coffee? None other than the Red-Headed Stranger, Willie Nelson. The brand is curated by Nelson’s wife, Annie, and was started back in 2015, when the company created Wille’s Reserve, a brand of cannabis from licensed cultivators and used for legal, medical, and adult-use cannabis products. The coffee is just the start for Nelson, with the press release promising, “Other products in development include confections, vaporizable hemp oils, and topicals.”

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