Wine Beautifully Meets Whiskey with Glenfiddich’s Winter Storm

Spurned by the excitement that comes with experimentation, Glenfiddich Malt Master Brian Kinsman has been creating and bottling a number of experimental whiskeys that the renowned brand is now releasing seasonally. His third creation was inspired by the freezing Peller Estates vineyards he visited near Niagara, Canada one winter, a place of extreme conditions and intense cold. Iced wine grapes were picked at moonlight when it was negative ten degrees Celsius, pushing the boundaries of their taste and flavor.

glenfiddich's winter storm whisky bottle and packet

When he returned to Glenfiddich headquarters, the French Oak casks used to produce iced wine at the Peller Estates encouraged him to try the same process with whisky. The result? Glenfiddich’s newest experimental flavor, known as Winter Storm. Due to the casks they were stored in, this 21 year old whiskey’s malts have strong notes of lychee rather than the overwhelming sweetness one might suspect wine casks would give them. Still it’s the perfect combination of the oakiness Glenfiddich is known for and subtle fruitiness of an iced sweet wine.

Through experimentation, Glenfiddich have happened upon a unique way to make seriously tasty whisky.

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