Woodford Reserve Marks the 145th Kentucky Derby with a $1,000 Mint Julep Cup

The Kentucky Derby has a lot of long-standing traditions, but Woodford Reserve is adding a new one to that fabled history. The Mint Julep Cup by Woodford Reserve is a $1,000 cup, designed by Bourbon Cousins in Cincinnati, that is available exclusively at the Derby.

The cups are etched with the iconic image of the Twin Spires of Churchill Downs. The cups also feature etched scrollwork, barrels, and a bottle of Woodford situated between the Twin Spires. Available in either sterling silver with a gold sipping straw or gold with a silver straw, the glass comes in a wooden, silk lined box—the silk for the box is actually the same silk like those worn by the jockeys racing at the derby.

In total, only 165 cups will be made—145 in silver and 20 in gold.

Adding to the value of the cups, purchasers will get exclusive access to a special Woodford Reserve tent, where they can enjoy handcrafted juleps in their limited edition cups. While there, they will want to try the new recipe that Woodford Reserve has cooked up for the 145th Kentucky Derby.

Master Distiller Chris Morris and Assistant Master Distiller Elizabeth used a honey “Kentucky Sweetener” syrup that the distillery describes as having been “Laid to rest in a small oak barrel for 145 days inside the famed Twin Spires at Churchill Downs to commemorate the 145th Kentucky Derby. This is the first time anything has been allowed to rest inside the Twin Spires.”

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