Woodford Reserve Releases Two Whiskeys with Master’s Collection

Woodford Reserve is sure to please bourbon fans everywhere with their Master’s Collection. What’s so great about it? Aside from the flavour, this collection consists of two whiskeys—one that focuses on the grains, and the other on the wood. The two bourbons are called Select American Oak Bourbon and Oat Grain Kentucky Bourbon.

Master Distiller Chris Morris explains, “Oats are very mild, but at 18 per cent they show up; the oat character gives the whiskey notes of brown sugar, hints of cinnamon, and a dry fruit character. And when you taste this whiskey…it’s tasting like a nice oatmeal cookie—an adult oatmeal cookie. That just pops in my mind, and that’s what it tastes like to me.”

Woodford reserve masters collection

For the American Oak Bourbon, Woodford relied on Ozark-harvested trees so that they could get the right terroir of the wood. Morris says, “Even though it’s the same oak species, you see a difference. It’s a faster-growing area for wood, and that gives the whiskey a softer flavour—a more soft, nutty flavour, and there’s not the spiciness of some other oak.”

Both bourbons are aged almost nine years. “ tells us when it’s ready,” states Morris, “because each one is unique; the whiskey does the talking. So we happened to have two that are mature and ready right now, and I thought, well, let’s just have some fun and bring two out and just confuse the heck out of everybody.”

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