Duke Cannon – The American Soap & Hatchet Set

duke cannon soap

In recent years the concept of “manscaping” or men’s grooming has been put front and center. We don’t know about you, but we don’t necessarily care for our personal hygiene habits to be labeled (“manscaping” sounds like something Ryan Seacrest does). We’re rough tough hardworking men who mow the lawn and gawk at SportsCenter – we don’t have time to primp ourselves or pay an arm and a leg for products. Thankfully, the guys over at Duke Cannon created something built for the average guy by the average guy. The American Soap and Hatchet Set is the most practical gift set on the market. Made for the craftsman, it comes complete with an actual custom made hatchet, cold-weather skull cap and 5 of their signature Big Ass Bricks of Soap. So the next time you happen to be in the woods in freezing temps with no personal hygiene products – be grateful Don Cannon’s American Soap and Hatchet Set has your back. US$125

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