Elevate Your Travel Game – Tumi’s Tegra Lite X Frame

Travel specialists, Tumi, have introduced two new carry on products and one wheeled briefcase in their Tegra Lite X Frame Series. The minimalist style speaks sophistication and cements its spot in the upper echelon of the travelling world. To showcase its superiority, it made of Tegris, which is a lightweight composite material that has high impact resistance while maintaining high stiffness. So it’s sleek, strong, secure, but light. This will tick every box for all jet setters.

tumi tegra lite x frame travel bag

The big X factor in this collection is the three point locking system. Say your goodbyes to the good ol’ zip. Not only is this aesthetically appealing, it provides convenience, and ditches the hassle of the constantly zipping. Let Tumi’s Tegra be your best travel companion as it carries all your essentials without a fuss. It is said that travelling can make or break a relationship, but with Tumi travelling beside you, there will be no breaking involved, ever. Tune up with Tumi.

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