Encapsulate the Spirit of St. Louis with Armogan Watches

Formerly going by the brand name Antoine Arnaud, Luxembourg’s niche watch maker Armogan has emerged from their Indiegogo startup campaign in 2011 with aplomb. Their first offering, the Spirit of St. Louis is a watch designed to tell the story of Charles Lindbergh’s groundbreaking flight across the Atlantic in 1927. Suffice to say, the picture it paints is a pretty one…


The watch itself embodies the 1920s aesthetic through a clever use of typeface and flawlessly curated colour options. Ranging from the simple and sophisticated ‘White Chocolate’, through to the little more extravagant ‘Blue Sapphire’, feel assured there is one to match just about any occasion.
The Spirit of St. Louis incorporates a Miyota OS00 Chronograph movement behind a very sleek Tuning Fork Quartz Crystal enclosure (basically means you will be on time, every time). The strap is of exemplary quality too – a deliciously supple, yet durable leather that will feel as good around your wrist as it looks. While the watch is splash proof (not to be mistaken with waterproof…), we trust you won’t want to get this little beauty wet anyway. And as if all this didn’t sound juicy enough, did I mention it’s only a scarcely believable $200? Better get on that…

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