Enhance your Australia Day Beach Rig with Minimal Effort

Australia Day 2017 is fast approaching and many Aussie men will be flocking to their local beach, river, pool for celebrations. Most of these options require blokes to ditch their shirt’s to fully part-take in all the water based festivities. For the gentlemen who’s rigs are a little worse for wear after the December/January silly season, we have the 411 that will give them a quick fix to improving their rigs before the 26th of Jan!

lose the fuzz nads cream

Lose The Fuzz

It’s time to reconsider your rig and the level of fuzz that resides. Removing the hair on your chest, stomach, back and arm’s is a surprisingly efficient way of boosting your muscle definition. Nad’s For Men hair removal cream is easy to use and will leave you looking shredded in under four minutes. The results will speak for themselves.

Nads For Men Hair Removal Cream $10.95


light bright colored board short

Light & Bright

It’s a a known trick when it comes to clothes that any shade lighter than your skin will make your complexion look bold by comparison, but neons, coral colours and golds will enhance the warm tones in your skin. Choosing light coloured boardshorts will make you look more tan and tonned.

Arvust LSDREAM Boardshort $69.95


bronze up

Bronze Up

Accentuate the contours of your muscle by using a gradual fake tan. It will also give your skin a nice, healthy tanned look minus the need to roast yourself in the sun. But remember, less is more! It’s much easier to build up colour than it is take down the colour if you feel too dark. So Bondi Sands have created a product especially designed for Men that will build up gradually and with a fresh masculine scent.

Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Foam – $17.95


primo posture

Primo Posture

For anyone chained to their desk during business hours, you may be suffering from poor posture. Slouching with your shoulders forward and back curved makes your muscles look far less noticeable. By keeping a straight back and shoulders retracted, your chest muscles will stick out further and your back muscles will have a more taught and toned look.

There is some great new posture technology available to assist in correcting the way you hold yourself.

Lumo Lift $79.00


anti garbage diet

Anti-Garbage Diet

Lay off the carbs, salts and sugars in the week leading up to the big day and reward yourself to a healthier looking you. Eating a diet high in fibre will reduce bloating and keep your gut in check. Eat fruits with the skin, load up on potassium found in spinach, mangoes and bananas, pick salmon over steak and snack more on almonds!