Espolón Tequila

Espolon Tequila is a truly great brand for tequila lovers and haters alike. If you are comfortable downing bottom shelf options, Espolon will taste like heaven. If you are a tequila aficianado, which apparently exists, you’ll appreciate the taste and efffectiveness of Espolon. And if you hate tequila? This just may be the one to bring you over to the dark side. With prices comparable to its lower quality competitors, you should really check out Espolon for a good time.

Espolon offers both a Blanco and Reposado tequila, and each is distinct and smooth. The only real difference is that the Reposado is rested in oak barrels, while the Blanco is rested in stainless steel. Both have had critical success, with the Blanco winning many awards, including a Double Gold “Best Silver Tequila” at the 2011 San Fransico World Spirits Competition, while the Reposado is in the same league, winning a Gold in that same year. Like any tequila that is worth your time and money, Espolon is 100% agave and is made in Los Altos, Jalisco. And it shows up in the roasted flavor, showing notes of caramel which mix perfectly into your cocktails. There’s really no excuse to not give it a taste with a good price, flavor and quality, Espolon can be the main source of a fun night and a powerful hangover.