The Espresso Martini Goes RTD from Onyx Coffee Spirits

Whether you’re at the tail end of a corporate dinner and in need of a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to bring you back to life or celebrating a boozy buck’s, there’s a fair chance you’ve found yourself in a situation where some genius has decided it’s time for an espresso martini or six. Probably the most bulk-ordered drink, and the bane of bartenders’ collective existences the world over, the rich combination of vodka, coffee and coffee liqueur has become a staple for the drinking masses and an S.O.P for a big night out.

espresso martini coffee

Generally a cocktail of several ingredients which require a hard shake to form an emulsion, Central Coast based distillers and caffeine addicts Onyx Coffee Spirits have taken the hard yakka out of the tasty bevvo by putting it in a jar. Pop it in the fridge and once it’s cold, give it a bit of a shake to bring it to life. Off comes the lid and with little effort, you’re downing a delicious, perfectly made espresso martini without the hassle of cocktail equipment or mess.

Thinking a cocktail in a jar couldn’t stack up against one made fresh from scratch? Well these bad boys just scored bronze at the recent San Francisco World Spirits Competition, proving that pre-batching isn’t cheating. A combination of specialty handpicked coffee beans, married with Onyx’s finely distilled spirits (all of which are free from colours or preservatives) make for a delicious tipple that’ll make you a cocktail-guy in no time.

Onyx Coffee Spirits


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