Even through a Quarter Life Crisis, Stay the Course

This is a guest post by Andy Frasco.

Dear Reader,

Do you ever think about your older self? That person in the future who you’ve never met, the one who’s both a stranger and a friend, simultaneously? I worry about him all the time.

I wonder if the stretch of routine hook-ups and scattered “treat-yourself” moments lost its luster over time, or if the ‘fro is still as big and wild as ever. I ask myself, “Is he bored, tired? Does it suck getting old?” I imagine it must be extremely difficult and scary to age, watching your friends get sick or pass away while you accomplish another rotation on this planet. To have your whole life in the rearview mirror, wondering if you ever truly fulfilled your life’s dreams…

I believe it’s not the actual disease that kills people, but the loss of hope the disease brings with it that kills. With that said, we have to hold onto that hope, and you can’t let life get you down. We must never forget what makes us happy in the first place… and that’s by trusting your soul.

Remember, your soul was that first friend you had when you were six and you had no one to hang out with, so you sat on the swing set and made games together. It’s that buddy that got you through your first kiss or shitty break-up. He’s the one that rode in the passenger seat and made conversation as you cruised from being a kid to an adult. As we get older, we seem to forget about this life-long pal who got us through the dark times, or was happy with a simple visit to the park. Instead, we get so overwhelmed with making others happy, or caring what they think of us, that we’ve forgotten our most precious friend.

dream of being a traveling musician

Where am I going with this?

There will be days in your life where you won’t want to wake up. You’ll want to give up what you’ve been fighting for just because it feels safer, or because your goals feel impossible. You’ll be over-worked, underpaid, and it will feel like nobody gives a shit. Just remember, you’re not in this alone. I’ve been living in a van for ten years now to fulfill my dream of being a traveling musician. I’ve been dropped by four record labels, two management companies, banned by a couple venues, blown up a few vans, gotten addicted to drugs once, and have probably broken a few soulmates’ hearts on this journey. I’ve missed nieces being born and family toasts during holiday dinners. But even through these battles with myself when I was at the bottom, wondering what was right, I still never gave up on my dreams. These are the times that you remind yourself of your soul–that inner, closest friend we talked about–who will totally kick ass if you give him a chance. That’s where you’ll find the energy to get out of bed, pick your head up, take a few more blows to the chin and go out and do what you love.

All I’m asking, as you go through this quarter-life crisis, is that you never lose that smile and laugh that everybody loves over something we have no control over. Don’t be scared of getting older, embrace it. There’s nothing we can do about aging—it happens to all of us. But the crazy thing is, we can help shape that person now, today. This stranger in the future, we can become more acquainted with him. Throw yourself into your passions, get your feet wet with new things—whether it be painting, living a year traveling in a van, fly-fishing, paint-balling, ice-skating, crocheting, origami, rock-climbing, cooking—whatever it is, life is too short not to chase after the golden bits that make you truly happy. You never know when it’s your turn to take the curtain call so you might as well give it all you got.

And when it’s all said and done, wouldn’t it be nice to say, “I laughed more than I cried… I saw more than I haven’t”? Don’t you think?

Stay happy, stay foolish, stay young, and don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because you’re way stronger than you think: You’re a badass.

Someone Who Cares


Andy Frasco, the 27-year old Los Angeles, CA native singer / songwriter / band maestro / entrepreneur / party starter / everyday hustler, and his band of gypsies “The U.N.” have been cited frequently as “Party Blues,” but the band’s musical inspirations and influences run much deeper incorporating elements of Soul, Funk, and Rock as well as tones of Roots, and Americana, creating a much more diverse sound and style that is distinctly Andy Frasco & the U.N.

You can visit Andy’s website here: http://andyfrasco.com, listen to his music on Spotify here: http://spoti.fi/2ktdZjr, and also follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @andyfrasco.