A Pop-up ‘Flaming Moe’s’ Simpsons Bar is Coming to Australia!

For those of us who grew up with The Simpsons as our number-one cultural touchstone, it’s been a long wait, but the day is finally in sight: a pop-up Flaming Moe’s bar is coming to Australia.

It was 1991 when Episode 10 of Season 3 of history’s greatest cartoon brought us Flaming Moe’s: the hip hangout for Springfield’s elite that Moe’s Tavern turned into when its owner discovered the secret of the Flaming Moe cocktail. It’s a crying shame it’s taken 28 years, but better late than never, and April 2019 will see the Flaming Moe’s experience take Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane by storm. For one day only – presumably because after that Tipsy McStagger will have snagged the recipe – Aussie Simpsonophiles will be able to live their dream as bartenders including the legendary Moe Szyslak himself (how they’ll be transforming him from animation to flesh-and-blood is yet to be announced) serve them Duff beer and, of course, the irresistible Flaming Moe itself.

flaming moe's wine glass

The pop-up bars will also feature Simpsons trivia with loads of yellow, four-fingered prizes on offer. Whether Aerosmith will be dropping in to blast “Walk This Way”, or your kid’s teacher will show up to seduce you, only time will tell, but anything’s possible.

It’s a limited-edition event – so for a shot at tickets sign up here. But be warned: as we all know the secret of Flaming Moe’s was stolen from Homer Simpson, so by attending you could be complicit. But this is no time for a conscience.