Burning Man 2018 Proves to be Just as Nuts as Ever

Once a year, in the middle of a dry and dusty desert, thousands of people converge on a pop-up city for a week, to live in temporary accomodation, share STIs, and trade bottled water for MDMA. The whole display of excess (in the name of self-reliance and community spirit) that ensues every time this happens is a stark portrayal of some seriously weird shit, and, unlike other festivals which inevitably lose their edge over time, this one manages to get zestier year on year.

The event is also one of a select few which serve as pure visual crack for influencers after a unique shot, as well as something they can post in November with the caption, “Take me baaaaack”, followed by some irrelevant emojis.

collage of burning man images

Burning Man, the annual Nevada-based festival of pseudo-hippy wank, just wrapped up its 32nd year, and boy did it look like it was on a mission to outdo itself. The website for Burning Man claims that it is not actually a festival at all: “Burning Man is not a festival. Burning Man is a community. A temporary city. A global cultural movement based on 10 practical principles”, but trust us, it’s a fucking festival. If you’re not convinced, you can read all about how to recreate those ten principles without even leaving the house here.

Founder Larry Harvey died in April this year: this was the first Burning Man festival community/city/movement without him. We assume he was cremated.

burning man images collage

Just to prove how whacked-out this time of year actually is, the good people at artFido have compiled a list of the strangest Instagram photos from this year’s #BurningMan, and frankly, it looks like by not attending we were saved the hassle of heat, dust, and a barrage of intolerable fuckwits.

Check it out

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