Fed Govt. Rejects Pill Testing Despite Overwhelming Evidence

Well, the evidence is in: pill testing at festivals is a valuable life-saving measure that has the support of the experts. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians, a body which knows a thing or two about pills, has publicly backed pill testing, and written to the federal government to advise them to implement it.

So with such expert advice, it’s no wonder that that very government has declared that it will…never ever, ever introduce pill testing?

Good old politicians!

The declaration came from Health Minister Greg Hunt, after Hobart City Council moved to allow pill testing at all events within its jurisdiction. In response to a question from Tasmanian Independent MP, Andrew Wilkie, who supports pill testing, Hunt said: “These are drugs which are illegal for a reason. They are drugs because they can kill…the idea that we could be condoning, encouraging and supporting the expansion of their consumption is, to my mind, utterly unthinkable.”

So there you go. It is “utterly unthinkable” that the government could allow pill testing, even if the relevant experts advise them to, even if all the available evidence indicates that it would save lives. The importance of not being seen to “encourage” drug use takes precedence over safety.

There you have it. Straight from the horse’s mouth.