The Cartier Garage Party Makes an Ordinary Shipping Yard Precious

If you were to look down on to the Anzac Bridge shipyard on the night of November 29th, you would have seen a spectacular sight. The usually derelict space was transformed into an oasis of gold, red and diamond.

cartier garage party woman

Not ones to do anything in half measures, Cartier’s latest garage party in Sydney was as opulent as you might expect. An original concept event, the Cartier Precious Garage party was all about making the ‘ordinary precious’ – and well, what’s more ordinary than a shipping yard. Taking the challenge head-on, the event took its 500 guests on an immersive journey along a 75m long red carpet lined with Cartier mechanics. On display, the Juste un Clou and Écrou collections.

cartier garage party public

At the end of the red carpet, attendees were treated to their obligatory photo opportunity so that everyone knows exactly who’s who in the zoo. Some of the more notable faces amongst the crowd included international sensation Rita Ora and fashion models Bella Heathcote, Georgia Fowler and Jessica Gomes. Once all the formalities had completed the guests were invited into the pièce de résistance of the night – The Precious Garage.

cartier garage party night mood

The Precious Garage is what would happen if you put Goldmember from Austin Powers in charge of a warehouse party. As the big industrial doors slide open a beam of gold light illuminates the cavernous space featuring club lounges and a central bar serving flutes of Cartier’s signature champagne.

cartier garage party car

Entertainment included a set from the auspicious DJ Graz. Known for his diverse and multifaceted career, Graz has designed bespoke sets for Paris Fashion Week Shows and even performed his own original film score at the Guggenheim in NYC. He was kind enough to sit down with us and answer some questions.

We’ve heard you described as a musical gymnast a couple of times. We’re told it’s due to you having such extensive knowledge and experience in a diverse range of genres (in Australia we’d probably call it having your finger in a lot of different pies). Do you have a first love? What was the first genre that really grabbed you and brought you into music?

It is Music that grabbed me, the rest is semantics. I do have a particularly soft spot for disco, because it stands in the doorway between Soul and House music. Most of my record collection is disco music. 

cartier garage party stylish woman

You’ve made your home in Hanoi, where you’ve created the now iconic club Savage. Is there a reason you chose Vietnam as your music destination?

I am split between Hong Kong and Hanoi, And a lot of my work is done in Paris and Los Angeles, Vietnam for me is a place outside the usual bubble, you can take your mind to new places creatively as it has the space and pace to do so. It’s a special city that is perfect for creatives.

cartier garage party singer

Your illustrious career has seen you work with several luxury brands and now Cartier. What sort of process do you go through when tailoring your performances to each brand?

I would liken it to cooking, First you have to know the right ingredients to work with. Musically these are the styles of music,  and the feelings you would like to invoke. Then it’s up to how you cook it, and then present it. 

cartier garage party gathering

Having played at pretty much every discotheque worth mentioning, is there one that stands out to you? Festival or venue?

In Sydney where started out as a DJ playing alongside Flight Facilities, Bag Raiders and Sneaky in places like Hugo’s or Spice Cellar. Sadly all the music venues have been forced to close, and are now just a memory, I really wish they would keep Sydney open, so that more artists can flourish and represent Australia around the world. 

You’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with so many artists, was there anyone who you’ve particularly enjoyed working with?

The longest collaboration for me and one that I continue to enjoy is my work with Ellery. we are hitting our 10 year anniversary next year from the launch of the original sunglass we did together. 

And finally, what’s next? Do you have anything in the works that you can share with us?

More film scores, a new music venue in Asia, and a very exciting gig on New Year’s Day in Sydney on the Harbour at The Island Sydney.

A night to remember, the Cartier Garage Party may be the first of many.