Petition Calls for Joe Rogan to Moderate the 2020 Presidential Debate

Everybody’s favourite podcaster, UFC commentator and cannabis aficionado Joe Rogan has achieved a lot in his multi-faceted career, and one could surmise that he has enough on his plate as it is. But where there’s a fanbase, there’s a bottomless pit of demands, and the latest of the comedian slash game show host has triggered a pretty hilarious petition aimed at getting Joe Rogan to host the 2020 US Presidential Debate.

While Democratic candidates still tough it out in the primaries, many of whom Rogan has had on his show as guests–most notably Bernie Sanders, who promised he would reveal government secrets about aliens and UFOs if elected president, and Hawaiian native Tulsi Gabbard, to whom Rogan took quite the liking–, the big kahuna of debates will ultimately be the one between whoever wins the Democratic primary, and incumbent President Donald Trump.

And, really, who better to host the debate? In a post-truth political climate that seemingly cares more about fanfare than it does facts, why not get the guy who cracks wise while two beefcakes pound the crap out of each other in an octagonal ring to moderate a Presidential debate? Rogan is well educated on a variety of topics, having interviewed experts in just about every field from magic mushrooms to space travel on his Joe Rogan Experience podcast, and his proclivity for giving his guests enough breathing room to each state their case proves him to be a level-headed option for a debate which can, historically, be abrasive and filled with rhetoric.

The petition, listed on, is currently sitting close to 150,000 signatures at time of publication.

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