Fancy Praline Chocolate to Celebrate Armani

Anyone who has been out shopping for clothes in their local shopping mall (i.e. nearly everyone) knows of the luxurious Italian brand Armani. They are famous for their haute couture, their ready-to-wear goods, leather goods and many other high-end fashion products. Since Armani’s founding 40 years ago, they have branched out into cosmetics, the hotel and fine dining industry. To celebrate this, one of Armani’s ‘branches’ Armani Dolci, have released a special Armani Release 40th Anniversary Chocolate Set of 16 pralines. There are four varieties boxed in each set from their new selection: apple, raisins, dark brown sugar, and honey and nuts, all coated in a dark chocolate shell. They come in a wooden box, with a description of the chocolate and the 40 year anniversary, finished with a gold satin logo. The package is only available in stores in Milan, New York, Kuwait City and Taichung, and online for €79.

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armani anniversary chocolate set

chocolate set box