Fathers day gift guide – man of many selects

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021 – Man of Many Selects

With Father’s Day approaching fast, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect gift to get your dad. Dad’s are special, and they deserve a special something to commemorate the long and, at times, tiresome years of being an amazing father to you. Finding a good lift can be hard work, but luckily, we’re here to help. Here is our Father-s Day gift guide

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man holding keysmart max with built in tile tracker and keys in hands 

KeySmart Max with Built-in Tile Tracker

Complex problems often have simple solutions, and this modern tool can help streamline what you carry every day. The KeySmart Max will help you locate your lost keys and phone, utilising loud ringtones. It also has space to store and organise up to 14 keys! There is also a flashlight and plenty of other useful tools to help you from day to day.

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troubadour adventure weekender bag in front of yachts

Troubadour Adventure Weekender Bag

If your dad is looking for a versatile bag, this is a top pick. The bag is made from premium vegetable-tanned leather and is incredibly lightweight, easily used for both business or casually. There are plenty of pockets and adjustable features, so it’s perfect for any dad, whatever the occasion.

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vincero the outrider watch

Vincero The Outrider Watch

Does your dad like to make a statement? The Vincero watch is one of their best, bold original styles and will undoubtedly add class to your dad’s look. The watch not only looks good but is water-resistant and has an interchangeable strap, so your dad can’t complain about practicality! 

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cappuccino oliver cabell chelsea boot

Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot

If your dad’s boots are looking a bit old and ragged, consider getting him a pair of these Oliver Cabell boots. The boots are handmade in Spain using old-school techniques. The material is a stunning vegetable-tanned leather- the perfect treat for your dad this Father’s Day. 

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brown leather oliver cabell sb1 boots

Oliver Cabell SB1 Boots

Some more options for boots if your dad is picky- the SB1 Boots are a beautiful combination of design, aesthetics and functionality. The shoes exude a timeless, vintage appeal that we guarantee your dad will love. 

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white oliver cabell court sneakers

Oliver Cabell Court Sneakers 

More sneakers to add to the list, the court sneakers from Oliver Cabell are some of the most versatile shoes out there. They prioritise comfort over anything else whilst still managing a sleek, classy look. They are all white and are made from calfskin leather, meaning they can withstand most of your dad’s antics!  

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man wearing green five by flynn crew neck jumper

Five By Flynn Crew Neck Jumper

Trying to get your dad to look fashionable is hard at the best of times, but Five By Flynn makes it that little bit easier. Their crew neck jumper is one of their most versatile wears, made of 100% premium cotton and with a slightly oversized fit, it is comfortable without sacrificing looks. The stunning sea-green shade of the jumper is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. 

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brown modest vintage player heritage leather soccer ball

Modest Vintage Player Heritage Leather Soccer Ball

If your dad is a soccer fan, then you’ll know the joy that a gift like this will bring. The soccer ball is beautiful, functional and designed to be kept for years to come. The ball features a 1950s panel style and is hand-crafted using 100% genuine heavy-duty cowhide leather. It even comes with a gift bag so you can cart it around in style! 

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modest vintage player retro leather rugby ball on a beach

Modest Vintage Player Retro Leather Rugby Ball 

Much like the soccer fans out there, if your dad is a rugby fan, expect this unique gift to provide the same priceless joy. Watch your dad’s face light up as you hand him this hand-crafted retro rugby ball made from 100% genuine heavy-duty cowhide leather. The ball is a size 5, and it has an embossed MVP logo. This ball also comes with an MVP branded natural cotton gift bag.

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man massaging leg with hypervolt plus massage gun

Hypervolt Plus Massage Gun

Is your dad in need of a massage? Luckily, HyperIce creates massage guns that help you move better, feel better, and reach your full potential. This Massage gun is the perfect combination of performance, variability, and increased power. After gifting this to your dad, you can hope he never complains about aches and pains again!

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white modest vintage player leather golf gloves on notepad

Modest Vintage Player Leather Golf Gloves 

You can never have too many golf accessories, and vintage leather gloves are one of these must-haves for all golf enthusiasts. The vintage design exudes luxury and class, and the leather finish provides comfort, durability and practicality all in one. Perhaps purchasing a pair of these for your dad will help him out on the green! 

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brown nomad leather iphone case

Nomad Leather iPhone Case

Help keep your dad’s phone protected with this Nomad Leather iPhone Case. We all know how clumsy our dads can get from time to time, and this phone case is as sturdy as it is stylish. They come in a wide range of leather shades, so you’re bound to find the perfect match for your dad’s tastes. 

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brown leather nomad apple watch straps

Nomad Apple Watch Straps

If having an apple watch wasn’t flashy enough, how about getting your dad a watch strap to jazz it up that extra bit more? The straps are custom designed to give your dad’s Apple Watch a unique look while providing the ultimate utility and durability. The straps come in leather and rubber designs. 

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modest vintage player gold steel tray cigar holder

Modest Vintage Player Gold Steel Tray + Cigar Holder 

Add a bit of luxury to your dad’s home with this vintage player gold steel tray and cigar holder. The beautiful piece makes for the perfect accessory and is a functional spit for your dad to store his accessories. The best bit – the cigar holder is magnetic! 

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