Fight Fire With Future – the Scott Sight Thermal Imaging Firefighter Mask

Among the many industries that could use a 21st century makeover, firefighting is easily one of the most pressing given that lives are literally at stake. Leading the march toward innovation and progress in firefighting is the Scott Safety product division at the global powerhouse company, Tyco. Just recently at the FDIC International show in Indianapolis, Scott Safety introduced the Scott Sight Thermal-Imaging Firefighter Mask, the first in a line of products aimed at vastly improving firefighter safety and mobility.

Firefighters used to rely on handheld cameras for thermal imaging and the way the Scott Sight works is by incorporating a lightweight thermal-imaging camera directly into the firefighter’s mask. That means firefighters will not only be privy to a live stream of imaging–allowing them significantly improved visibility when surrounded by smoke or darkness–but also greater mobility to move between rooms, locate people in need of assistance, spot escape routes and perform other urgent duties.

The Scott Sight is the first product released as the result of an in-house 2014 initiative at Tyco called Firefighter of the Future, which is committed to seeking innovative solutions for common firefighter safety and efficiency shortcomings. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, the initiative focuses on “Situational Intelligence”, or the speed and accuracy with which a firefighter responds to the scene of a fire. With the Thermal Imaging Firefighter Mask the initiative is definitely off to a promising start. Not only is the mask efficient and adjustable, it’s also sleek and dynamic, emanating a consciousness toward great design as well as optimal safety.

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