Fill Up Your Mind with Some Goodies from Monocle

To be quite frank, one of the main reasons I attend the gym is due to my unconditional love for eating and drinking. And I’m sure there are some people out there that agree. But we can all agree, that we all love eating and drinking. But it’s more than just those two main ingredients that make a great tasting meal.

 goodies monocle sharpest kitchen kit

This guide from Monocle will showcase some tips on how to host, where to source the best produce for your cooking escapades and how to handle the sharpest kitchen kit. Also, there will be reports on the freshest markets, shops and producers and reviews on the world’s best restaurants that must be visited. They will also give some handy advice on how to get the most of your dining experiences.

 goodies monocle restaurant

This 340-page guide features original photography and illustrations that are printed on high quality paper and bound with a linen cover. So take a seat, and fill your hungry mind with some detailed advice from the experts.

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