Fill Your Pockets for Your Ride with the Rapha Cargo Bib Shorts

Cargo space is at a minimum when it comes to cycling gear. That’s where the Rapha Cargo Bib Shorts come in. Fact is, lycra shorts don’t exactly lend themselves to pockets. It’s a tough challenge to overcome, and no doubt that’s why most companies haven’t bothered to come up with a solution. Rapha has met and dominated that challenge with their Cargo Bib Shorts.

ride with the rapha cargo bib shorts

Just like any other cycling bib shorts, the Rapha Cargos are made for a tight fit. The Rapha Cargos have the added benefit of being water resistant, so you can wear them in the rain. They also take on the heat, keeping the rider comfortable in temperatures up to 30 degrees centigrade. As for sweat, no worries about having to let them dry out for days after your ride. The chamois is perforated to ensure quick drying.

rapha cargo bib shorts a man sitting on the floor

The Rapha Cargos are different in that they have pockets for stowing what you need or want on your ride without having to worry about adding a jersey. Rapha put pockets on both legs as well as on the upper back. With these pockets, you can ride in a t-shirt or whatever you choose rather than being limited to jerseys out of need for the pockets. You won’t have to stress about things falling out of the pockets either. They’re designed with secure stretch closures, so they won’t get squeezed out of the pockets by the tight lycra material.

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