Find Yourself at Finns in Bali

People end up in Bali for a number of reasons. Some are there for the surf; others for the yoga, some still are hoping to ‘find themselves’ Eat, Pray, Love-style. Regardless the reason, there is no excuse to have other than a stellar time. I would also argue that no visit to Bali, regardless of initial motivation, is complete without at least one proper ‘beach club’ experience.

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Staked out on the perfect stretch of sand, with a top surf break in front and optimal sunset viewing to the side, Finns nailed the real estate lottery. The location alone was enough, but then they had to go and ‘one-up’ themselves further with a great sound system, beautiful architecture and a smorgasbord of food options. About to celebrate their one-year anniversary, Finns has established itself as the beach club in Bali.

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In my personal opinion, the optimal approach to Finns is by sand. There is maybe nothing better in life than walking to a club via the beach. We should all use beach walks as our primarily mode of transport. But I digress, considering it’s a short 10-minute walk north from Seminyak, or south from Echo Beach, there is no excuse for intoxicated scooting home. Plus it’s an extra slick excuse for walking home the lady loves you discovered lounging by their pool.

bali resort swimming pool

Which brings me to my next point… Finns manages to attract top caliber babes. It’s like they were able to distil the cream from the sunburnt bogans and crunchy hippies and consolidated them in beach-front pool. Yes, maybe it’s because Finns have some amazing DJs on rotation, or a plethora of sunbeds available for reserve. Whatever they are doing, the ladies are loving Finns. Roll up with a surfboard and man bun and it’s like shooting fish in a pool/barrel or something.

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You can have your own Vegas-style experience for one day… what happens here, stays here. Unless you find yourself seat neighbours on your return flight Sydney.

Finns Beach Club

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