Fire Into the Fire With The Marshmallow Crossbow

Canadian purveyor of lifestyle goods Litchfield have some pretty weird and wonderful offerings on their elegant if not somewhat minimalistic website, and their flagship in Vancouver is regarded as a veritable treasure trove of quality, left-of-centre trinkets and accessories alike, but our curious eye is instantly drawn to this weapon of mass deliciousness. The only information provided about the marshmallow crossbow is that it is handmade in Canada and is called the marshmallow crossbow, and when you think about it, what more do you really need to know? It appears to have been designed for the sole purpose of firing a marshmallow as a projectile and, while it hopefully (almost certainly) inflicts zero damage to the target, it does look like it could be a lot of fun for several hours of campfire shenanigans. Think of it as a way of Nerfing your buddies but, with the added reward of marshmallow consumption as a prize, or possibly as a pain-free way to host a paintball tournament that’s more plain soft than air-soft.

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fire with the marshmallow crossbow