First All-Terrain Street-Legal Supercar – Laffite G-Tec X-Road

We’ve seen supercars get retrofitted to be off-roading monsters, but Laffite has gone the other direction, creating a supercar that was meant for digging through the mud. Laffite calls it the first “all-terrain street-legal supercar” and has given it the name of G-Tec X-Road.

Laffite supercar steering wheel and dashboard

The car is a lightweight, coming in at just 2,866 pounds. What makes that weight important is the amount of power that will be flinging this car around as it rips through trails and streets alike. The G-Tec X-Road comes with a 6.2-liter GM LS3 V8 that delivers 405 horsepower. If that’s not impressive enough, then you can always add on the additional supercharger and bump up the performance to 700 horsepower. Even without the supercharger, the G-Tec X-Road boasts a power-to-weight ratio of 4.09 pounds per horsepower. The engine can be mated with either a five-speed sequential transmission or a six-speed with paddle shifters. Whichever you chose, the power is sent to the rear wheels. And for the more eco-conscious, Laffite will be releasing an all-electric version.

Laffite supercar back view

It’s not just power that you should be concerned with when it comes to off-roading, though. The suspension is pretty important as well. For the G-Tec X-Road, Laffite went with a 17-inch suspension. Put that together with the car’s top speed of 143 miles per hour, and you’ll be pulling jumps that would make the Dukes of Hazard proud. True to its supercar nature, the G-Tec X-Road is a two-seater. The chunky tires clearly identify as an off-road vehicle, but the clean lines make it look just as good on the streets. And if there were any question about its qualifications as a supercar, just check out the luxurious interior. Decked out in plush beige leather with carbon fiber accents throughout, the car’s interior is stunning. Only 30 of these cars are planned, with the starting price set at $465,000. Those interested in the electric model will have to fork out a bit more—the starting price there is $545,000.

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Laffite supercar top view

laffite all - terrain vehicle

Laffite supercar goes dirt

Laffite First All -Terrain Supercar