A man sleeping on desk wearing Santa hat

4 Ways to Stay Fit and Active Over Christmas

As soon as December hits, the merry go round of work drinks, family get-togethers and bbq’ing like it’s going out of fashion begins. Although life gets super fun, it’s pretty exhausting…but not necessarily physically.

Don’t kid yourself, even with the best intentions your 5 sessions a week at the gym ain’t gonna happen…and nor should it, it’s time to relax and let your hair down. But that doesn’t mean that you have to let all your good work go to waste and resign yourself to turning into a Christmas pudding to be knocked back into shape with some new year willpower.

Here are a few of my top tips to keep yourself moving, maintain your sanity and just give yourself a break from the family this holiday:

1. Wake up earlier

Summer mornings are far easier to get out of bed for, so now is great to get up half an hour earlier and move. Whether that’s a workout, a walk or a swim- just jump up and go without thinking too much. If you’re the kind of person that talks yourself out of doing a workout the second you’ve planned one- try booking a class. The thought of paying the cancellation fee would fill anyone with dread. A lighter approach would be to leave your gym kit, including your trainers next to the bed so you don’t give it a second thought.

2. Walking dates

If this means going on more bar crawl’s during December then so be it! Walking and talking is the best way to catch up with friends and boost your endorphins. If you want to get your heart racing then look for a route with lots of hills or power walk using your arms to really get you moving.

3. Sort it out

Before the new year commences, it’s a good time to clean out your closet and get a little Marie Kondo. Housework and gardening is far more of a workout than you’d think, plus you’ll feel SO good after. Decluttering and cleaning is an instant mood booster as it stimulates productivity- win win. Be careful when shifting furniture and carrying heavy boxes though. Bend your knees and keep your back nice and straight to avoid any pulled muscles and hospital trips.

4. Workout in your PJ’s

Sometimes just the thought of getting in your gym kit is a barrier for your exercise willpower so make it easy for yourself. Get up, log on to your phone or laptop and do an online workout. It’s not always easy just to ‘get up and go’ for Mums and Dads with little kids so being able to wake up before the rest of the family and do quick workout the best way to start the day. For full body strength, cardio and stretch workouts in under 20mins, check out Bean Online. No space or equipment needed and suitable for all levels of fitness. You’ll also find a free 6 week challenge plan and nutrition guide if you’re looking for extra support.

Lizzie Bland is the Founder of Lean Bean Fitness, Lean Bean Retreats and Bean Online. You can find here at @leanbeanfitnessau