5 Ways to Stay Healthy as a Bachelor

When you’re in a long-term relationship the grass can occasionally seem a little greener on the other side, but being a bachelor isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The classic bachelor is guilty of neglecting his domestic duties, health and personal hygiene in light of beers with the boys and watching the footy. The modern bachelor is streaks ahead of his predecessors on most bases but there is still room for improvements. Being a bachelor is a prime opportunity to polish your skills, optimise your health and recharge – facilitating the rise to eligible bachelor status.

Here are the top tips to stay healthy as a bachelor:

#1 Hone your skills in the kitchen

hone your skills in the kitchen

Hone and perfect five great healthy recipes that you keep in your armoury. Having these recipes in your back-pocket will dramatically reduce the dependency on the pizza guy or take away food. Having five crackerjack recipes up your sleeve with save you money and time, freeing up more time to meet friends, girls and chill-out. Prep ahead of time and make a big batch and throw some portions in the freezer. A great recipe is always going to impress when the time comes.

#2 Buddy-up for training

buddy up for training

Having a mate who shares a similar training goal is ideal for a number of reasons. Firstly, you’ll be accountable and less likely to swerve the gym. Secondly, there’s plenty of research to indicate that results are achieved quicker when training with a partner. Thirdly, if you can train with someone who is stronger or faster, this will help your progress. And fourthly, it’s in the male genotype to compete and having some competition on the gym floor is a great motivator and will ultimately promote results.

#3 Booze

booze bar beer

It’s unrealistic for most people to stop drinking but there are strategies that will reduce the impact of alcohol on your health. Incentivise yourself to curb the drinking on Friday nights by booking-in something on a Saturday morning. Book-in a training session, catch-ups with mates or better still a date!

#4 Tech Detox

hyundai tucson glamping

Social media is a product of the 21st century and we only have to look around to see everyone glued to a screen of some description. Time spent looking at Tinder, Facebook or Instagram, let alone emails and texts comes with a consequence. Our circadian rhythms are largely affected by blue light – natural daylight! When blue light diminishes we produce melatonin and we get sleepy. Gazing at a artificial blue-light (computer) whilst watching Netflix before sleep, adversely affects the production of melatonin and we stay alert which impedes our sleep quality. Set tech parameters and no devices after 6pm or install blue light filters on your devices at the very least.

#5 Clean-up your act

checking his shave

Being a bachelor is a temporary position and one which should be embraced, if only for the extra freedom you have. Use this time wisely to maximise your health by investing in certain foods that will take your health to the next level. Stock your fridge/pantry with:

  • Coconut oil – preferred oil for cooking as its stable, other oils include lard, ghee, tallow and butter
  • Maca – keeps you virile and gives you plenty of energy
  • Beetroot – reduces tiredness and fatigue
  • Spirulina – arguably the most nutrient-dense food source on the planet
  • Bone broth – packed full of glucosamine and condroitin for joint repair and probiotics
  • Probiotics – a daily fix for optimal gut flora. Taken either as a capsule or through foods such as fermented veggies or bone broth
  • Grass fed/finished meat – lower in omega 6 which is healthier than its grain-fed counterparts
  • Avoid sugary beverages – trade your scotch and cola for a vodka and soda or even better still straight water

By following these top tips you’ll be well on the way to great health and on the road to become quite the eligible bachelor!