Beast Streams Fitness Data in Real Time to Stimulate Your Workout Performance

Beast is a state-of-the-art motion sensor built for the weight room. What sets Beast apart from the competition is its unrivalled capacity to deliver incredibly detailed performance feedback that you can review during rest time to make better decisions about loads, sets and reps. Plus if you like to break from the norm, Beast has been dubbed the fitness tracker that can track the greatest amount of exercises. Be creative!

beast streams fitness sensor with  wrist

We can all agree that no matter the objective, you need to take into account how your body works for training to be effective. Beast streams data about the strength, power and speed of each lift to your smartphone in real-time to stimulate your performance in each training session. You can review performance during rests, get suggestions and improve training adjusting loads, sets or reps based on your goal.

beast streams fitness tracker sensor

Once underway, you can access the Beast Web Portal to start planning and evaluate your future training cycles and monitor achievements when increasing your max strength, movement speed or your power. Sure you can get fit without a tracker, although International research demonstrates that monitoring lifting performance in real time increases motivation leading to faster improvement.
Beast is magnetic, so if you don’t want to wear the sensor, you can always stick it to your weights.

beast streams sensor body weight exercises

Beast is compatible with a variety of different weights, machines and bodyweight exercises and is available now in two different versions: Athlete and Trainer, in order to meet your needs as a fitness enthusiast, coach, trainer or advanced athlete. It’s not only the perfect sensor for the fitness junkee, but also anyone who loves recording data.

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beast streams recording data sensor

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