Bello on the process of decoding belly fat

Bello Decodes Your Belly Fat in Just 3 Seconds

That fat around your middle is more damaging than you might think. It holds significant risk factors for many metabolic health complications like diabetes, fatty liver, and heart disease. It also increases inflammation. But lose that belly fat and you reduce risks of chronic disease. That can be a monumental task, though, and that’s where Bello comes into play.

Bello scans belly fat in three seconds

Bello is the world’s first portable device capable of measuring belly fat. The device uses DMW-NIRS—Discrete Multi-Wavelengths Near Infrared Spectroscopy—to get an accurate analysis of the fat in your mid-section. Many body fat scanners use Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis, and while that can give you accuracy equal to hydrostatic weighing, it has its limitations because of its sensitivity. Things like sweating, drinking, using a moisturizer, or even menstrual cycle can interfere with the reading. NIR scans give you the same accuracy but without the restrictions. That’s because NIR scans measure the reflectance signals of infrared wavelengths. Your body is mostly hemoglobin, water, and fat, and each of those has a different reflectance signal as they each have different absorption properties. Bello uses the data from the scan to predict what is subcutaneous and visceral fat, giving you a more precise report.

Bello to help decode body fat

Using Bello is simple. Just press the button on the top of the device to turn it on. It will automatically connect with the app. Then scan your belly fat—it only takes about three seconds. Then review your personalized recommendation in the app. Those recommendations will include suggestions of activities and nutrition choices. The Bello app also helps you track your progress over time. Using Bello, you can come up with a customized approach to losing weight and to keeping it off.

Bello - Decode your belly fat & manage your health

Bello is available through Indiegogo. The early bird special is still available, giving you the device at 50 percent of the cost, or just $189. Armed with the right information you can finally get rid of that stubborn belly fat by using the right approach—an approach identified by Bello.

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