Bkool Smart Air Cycling Trainer May Be the Most Realistic Trainer Out There

There are plenty of cycling trainers out there, but the one flaw that many of them have is a lack of realism. Bkool addressed that flaw with their Smart Air Cycling Trainer. For starters, the trainer actually looks like a complete bike once you have it set up. The rear wheel is replaced with the unit, but unlike most direct drive trainers, which support the bike from the bottom and the sides, the Bkool trainer suspends the bike from the top, mimicking the way your rear wheel supports your bike.

The frame allows for a six-degree side-to-side rocking mechanism, making it feel even more like you’re on a real bike rather than a trainer. The rocking mechanism also protects your bike from torsion that can be created by a rigid trainer—and given how much you spent getting your bike, you’ll want to protect your investment.

indoor cycling trainer of bkool air

The trainer uses a power system that is capable of up to 3,000 watts and can simulate grades up to 25 per cent. You can also pound out speeds up to 70 kilometres per hour. The trainer is compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth. It uses a 12mm thru axle, which is not provided, and is compatible with most cassettes from seven to eleven speeds.

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