Bugger The Gym, You’ll Soon Be Able to Excercise with a Pill

Tired of getting up at 4:30am? Sick of pumping iron to stay in shape? Over getting teased about your manboobs?

Me too.

For all you fellow sluggards who’d choose a whisky over a whey shake for breakfast, and a jug of gin over a jog to the gym, hope may be at hand. Science boffins from California’s Salk Institute are working away at a mysterious drug, currently known as “516”, which may have the ability to help you get that summer bod, without so much as lifting a finger. Well, literally, one finger. To your tongue.

As reported by Esquire, lead researcher on the project Ron Evans says that 516 is “exercise in a pill”. The apparent wonderdrug, which is still somewhat shrouded in secrecy, ostensibly works by changing the way your genes send messages to your muscles.

Exercise may bring images of dread, sweat and heavy machinery whose only place is in the too-hard basket, but the reality is that it’s just a trigger for a chemical process at a molecular level; one which burns fat and builds muscle.

516 hopes to take out the middle man, to get you off the treadmill and back on the couch before you can say “Arnold Schwarzenegger”.

Jokes aside, there are enormous potential benefits to a drug that could literally replicate the effects of exercise. Exercise is very good for you, but many are incapable of doing a healthy amount, for myriad reasons. By offering the benefits of burning fat and building muscle to an audience broader than the general population of Bondi, Salk Institute may be on the verge of one of the greatest health breakthroughs in the history of modern medicine.

516 is still in trial stages, so don’t throw out your favourite gym stringlet just yet, but will hopefully be on the market before I need to get a whole new wardrobe tailored. Again.

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