C-REST 2.0 is Like Having Your Own Personal Masseuse

If you’re like most adults, you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or using your smartphone. As a result, you probably suffer from neck tension, shoulder and back pain, soreness, and other common ailments. And while a daily trip to the masseuse might be ideal, you arguably have neither the time or the money to afford such a luxury. Enter C-REST 2.0 from Seattle’s Team Start Living, which effectively relieves stress and tension in just 10 minutes, something most (if not all) of us can use. It’s then no wonder that this wonderful product has already soared way past its funding goal on IndieGogo.

c rest 2.0 own personal masseuse women lying

Developed by a doctor and a chiropractor, C-REST 2.0 delivers acupressure, occipital muscles stimulation, and cervical relaxation to your neck area, thereby relieving you of upper body stress, neck pain, and overall tension in just 10 minutes. Furthermore, by providing ergonomic support and releasing trigger points, the product will improve your posture, mood, and mental performance alike.

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Like it’s wildly successful predecessor (the original C-REST), C-REST 2.0 is simple, compact, and easy to transport, meaning you can use it in the home, office, or wherever you desire. It’s also flexible and firm, playing off your own body weight and curvature as it provides relief. Needless to say, this is a potential life-saver for the modern man and woman. After all, there are precious few among us who can’t use a little relief. With C-REST 2.0, you get that relief in a mere 10 minutes.

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