Cove Migraine Relief Offers Safe, Effective Help

When you’re in the midst of a migraine, you really don’t want to be thinking about anything at all. That’s why it’s important to act before one hits, and Cove Migraine Relief is there to help you take control.

Cove is a program that provides FDA-approved treatments, but also gives you ongoing support from a licensed doctor. It also provides a migraine tracker so that your consultations with the doctor are more effective.

Cove starts with an online consultation. After a review of that consultation, a doctor reviews the answers and work with you to best line up a treatment plan—one that is personalized to your exact needs and types of migraines. Those treatments are set up for a monthly delivery directly to your door, ensuring that you’re never without your medication. Cove gives you access to your doctor for any questions about the treatment or to make changes to the plan through a secure online portal.

Steve Gutentag, co-founder and CEO of Cove, explained, “Cove empowers migraine sufferers by providing them direct access to high-quality, affordable migraine care, personalized to each person and their specific needs. That includes migraine expertise from leading doctors in the field, ongoing support and on-demand care, centralized migraine management, customer education, and affordability.”

When a migraine hits, it’s too late to be thinking about what you’ll do about your next migraine. Act now and get on track to managing your migraines in the most effective and safest way for you.

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