Designer Comfy Kettlebells

Ask any personal trainer, and they will tell you that the kettlebell is probably the most versatile and useful piece of gym equipment that you can buy. Kettlebells are for anyone—from elite athletes to beginners.

You might be thinking “aren’t kettlebells just glorified dumbbells.” Designed to mimic the way that you carry everyday objects in real life, like grocery bags and briefcases, kettlebells are much more than just another set of dumbbells. They provide real-world functional strength. They can also be used for a variety of workouts and are great for building a strong core.

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One of the problems with kettlebells is that they are not exactly comfortable to use. Designer Donato Javier Nasuti hopes to make kettlebells a little more comfy and reduce the risk of injuries with his new aptly-named Comfy Kettlebells.

The Comfy Kettlebells feature an ergonomically contoured shape that was designed to wrap around the forearm and wrist. This provides a much more comfortable experience when it comes to using kettlebells. This design helps prevent injury during quick grip and swing movements.

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Not only are Nasuti’s Kettlebells more comfortable but they are easier to use, as well. They are available in 5 kg through 22.5 kg weights. All of the kettlebells are colour coordinated depending upon weight. This makes it easy to change out the sizes without interfering with your workout.

Other features include a non-slip textured grip, soft coating and a flat base. Making kettlebells more comfortable should result in better control so that you can focus more on your form and get an even better workout.

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