Elevate Your Training with the Kickr Climb Indoor Grade Simulator

Ask a cyclist what the most challenging aspect of riding is and chances are he’ll tell you it’s the climbs. Ask him what the most rewarding part of riding is, and chances are he’ll tell you it’s the climbs. The KICKR Climb Indoor Grade Simulator is the piece of equipment that you need to overcome those challenges and make the most of the reward.

kickr climb indoor grade simulator

KICKER CLIMB works with your training bike to simulate hill climbs. It works by physically adjusting your bike to match grade changes that you would experience out in the real world. Those physical adjustments closely replicate the gravitational pull you would feel out on the road, therefore more accurately engaging your climbing muscles. It can raise or lower to match ascents up to 20 per cent and descents of -10 per cent. CLIMB pairs with the new KICKR or SNAP and uses Wahoo Smart Trainers to control your ride.

kickr climb indoor grade simulator shutterfest

You can use rides from external sources like Zwift, Sutterfest, or TrainerRoad, or connect to ELEMNT or ELEMNT Bolt to program in the topography of a particular ride that you want to train for. KICKR CLIMB can help you get ready for the riding season so that you’ll lead out the pack toward that next summit.

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