Find Out What You’re Made of with the Peloton Tread Interactive Treadmill

Trying to keep that New Year’s Resolution, but can’t make it to the gym? No worries, Peloton has you covered. The Peloton Tread is the future of personal fitness and has been designed to tackle every fitness challenge you have set for yourself and provide you with countless others when your inspiration well dries up.

peloton tread use for exercise

Combining high intensity cardio workouts with dynamic strength training, the Tread is the perfect tool to bring your gym exercises to your living room. This is your very own, custom fitness studio and will give you the access and freedom to workout however you want, when you want.

While offering the highest level of aerobic exercise in its base form, the Tread seamlessly transforms into a weight-lifting class utilizing its HD monitor and a mix of live and downloadable training classes from top NYC instructors. Stream more than ten daily classes and let the atmosphere of a live studio power you to your best workout.

women on the stand peloton tread workout pad

With an excellently engineered, shock-absorbing slat belt, innovative speed and incline dials, sturdy carbon-steel frame, and manual mode functionality, the Peloton is both tough and technical – designed to the get the most out of you each time you turn it on.

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peloton tread 32 inch touchscreen display

peloton tread workout pad

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