Fitbit Ace is a Fitness Tracker Designed for Screen-Obsessed Kids

Fitbit Ace is a new fitness tracker aimed at kids aged 8 and over. It encourages them to stay healthy and active by monitoring steps, active minutes and setting goals, then offering celebratory messages and badges as incentives.

With Ace, parents can control and manage who their children connect with on the Fitbit app, monitor their progress and engage in challenges designed for the whole family.

childrens playing wear fitbit ace

Dr Ryan Rhodes, Director of the Behavioural Medicine Lab at the University of Victoria, and member of the Fitbit Advisory Panel says “When parents have insight into their kids’ activity, they are better positioned to then promote less screen-time and more physical activity in a fun and motivating way.”

“Fitbit Ace opens up a direct line of communication across the family to help parents and their children understand how physical activity impacts overall well-being and health.”

Fitbit Ace is available now in two colours – Electric Blue and Power Purple. It’s waterproof and offers up to 5 days battery life. You can purchase one from the Fitbit website and select retailers for $129.95 AUD.

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fitbit ace fitness tracker side view

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