Flexr is the World’s First Foldable, Travel-Friendly Pull-up Bar

Every time you take a break from your fitness, it can be incredibly difficult to get back into a routine. That’s why Flexr is the perfect tool for fitness buffs on the move. Flexr is the world’s first foldable, travel-friendly pull-up bar that can easily fit in your luggage, car, a drawer or under the bed. Having a pull-up bar that you can take with you anywhere means there’s no real excuse for not staying fit and healthy.

flexr foldable pull up bar

Flexr is easy to set up. The pull-up bar works in a doorway by resting on top of one side of the frame while the door grips link to the other side. It’s perfectly safe as long as an actual builder or chippie did the architraves, and they’re not a dodgy DIY job.

Flexr is made from three lightweight yet durable materials: The top door rest is made of injection-moulded plastic, the bars are made from steel, and the centre latch is made from aircraft-grade aluminium. The entire pull-up bar weighs only 2.7kg meaning it won’t tip your airline weight limit.

flexr foldable grade aluminium pull up bar

If you like to travel or work forces it upon you, then Flexr could be the answer to your fitness woes. If you want one at a discounted price, head over and secure it on Kickstarter for the early bird price of US $49. That’s almost half of what they will go for at retail in early 2018.

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