JAXJOX KettlebellConnect Gives You a Workout and Connections

Adjustable weights have been on the market for a while, but we’ve only really seen this approach used in dumbbells.

JAXJOX has taken on the challenge of making this technology available in a kettlebell—and they’ve added a few other features that make their KettlebellConnect really stand out.

jaxjox kettlebell

KettlebellConnect uses a “bullet stacking system” that is based on a rotating weight-selection core. The core turns to lock in or out weighted plates. The process is automated—all you have to do is press either the plus or minus button and KettlebellConnect will add or drop the weight for you.

KettlebellConnect gives you the option of selecting six different weights from 12 to 42 pounds.

It’s not just the weight, though. KettlebellConnect has six axis motion sensors—three axis gyroscopes and three axis accelerometers—that track your movements. That data is sent to the JAXJOX app, which records weight, reps, sets, and power. You can also connect up to nine users to one KettlebellConnect, each with their own individual account on the JAXJOX app.

side view jaxjox kettlebell

What may be the best aspect of KettlebellConnect is that it has a small footprint; it only occupies a 12 x 16 x 12 inch space. That’s a far cry better than a rack of six kettlebells taking up valuable floor space.

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