Keego is the World’s First Squeezable Titanium Drink Bottle

Athletes will love Keego. It’s a squeezable bottle built from elastic titanium, allowing for, fast, precise, one-handed drinking, thereby minimising distraction. Best of all, no plastic means no bad taste.

With a precise water stream and respectable flow-rate, Keego fuses all the benefits of light and squeezable plastic bottles with the clean taste and endurance of a metal one. It encourages you to focus on performance while keeping your water pure and healthy.

keego squeezable titanium drink bottle

The secret behind Keego’s functionality lies within the ground-breaking production process, allowing the creators to add an elastic core to a titanium bottle. The key is to accurately control the fusion process to modulate the elasticity according to the amount of stress in different parts of the squeeze bottle. I don’t understand it either.

Did we mention its a titanium bottle and you can squeeze it? Keego is worth it just to try the squeeze, not the mention its minimal, stylish and highly functional design. Keego is kicking all sorts of goals on Kickstarter which is where you can secure yours. You can lock-in Keego now for 30% off its retail price with shipping expected August 2018.

Make use of Keego while working up a sweat at one of Sydney’s or Melbourne’s best outdoor gyms.

Check it out

greyscale Keego Squeeze Bottle

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