Killspencer Strengthens its Athletics Range with Premium Leather Medicine Balls

When the look, touch or overall appeal of leather is just as important as fitness goals, you need Killspencer’s professional grade weighted medicine balls.

Like all of Killspencer’s quality goods, these medicine balls are handmade from premium full-grain leather, 12 hand-stitched panels to be precise. The leather is not corrected in any way beyond the original hair removal, so its natural markings and character show through.

killspencer strengthens leather medicine ball 10

Designed to develop core strength, coordination, and endurance, the medicine balls are available in five individually handpainted weights ranging from 4Lbs (1.8kg) to 12lbs (5.4kg). You can purchase them separately or as a complete set for USD $1,300.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way around shipping. The fact that you are paying to have dead weight shipped to your door means things can get pricey. The heavier you go, the more expensive postage will be. For example, to send the 12lbs medicine ball to Australia you are looking at paying US $126.92 just for postage. US readers will get a slightly better deal.

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