Nexus Crossfit Sports Tracker Takes on Tracking Biases

The Nexus Crossfit Sports Tracker is weighing in on the issues facing sports trackers and crossfit. The challenge is the notorious difficulty of tracking short bursts of effort. Most fitness watches are geared more toward capturing data on exercise that is sustained for longer periods of time, like runs or even the intervals of HIIT workouts. Working with weights doesn’t provide that kind of longer effort that can be more easily tracked.

nexus crossfit sports tracker gymnasium

Nexus is taking on that challenge by not only getting accurate readings on internal metrics (your heart rate), but also on external metrics. The Nexus Crossfit Sports Tracker consists of an app and a tracking band with an accelerometer and a gyroscope. The band is able to track your movement—transitions from squats to lunges, or burpees to box jumps.

man wearing nexus lifting fitness ball

It also counts your repetitions and measures your velocity, displacement, power, and time. Finally, it keeps a record of your recovery time, workout intensity, pace, and cadence. Plus, it’s smart enough to know the difference between a high-five and a power clean.

man and woman wearing nexus exercising

The kit comes with a Push Band 2.0, an arm strap, and a compression sleeve. It is only compatible with iOS 9 and up currently, so Android users will have to wait (though probably not long). With Nexus, the next time you get your sweat on, you’ll also get the data you need to be your best.

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