NIB Wants the Government to Get Rid of Medicare

dYou know, sometimes we Aussies can be a selfish lot. We go blissfully about our lives, accessing affordable healthcare and not dying from preventable diseases, and we never even think about the victims of our behaviour: i.e. gigantic private health insurance corporations.

Well, NIB managing director Mark Fitzgibbon is sick of us neglecting his needs, and he’s made the bold – some might say positively heroic suggestion that Medicare be abolished and everyone be forced to buy private health insurance.

Finally, an executive standing up for his beliefs!

Fitzgibbon told the Australian Financial Review – the newspaper of choice for white men who like to kiss their credit cards – that a “sensible policy approach” would be to get rid of government-funded healthcare, put everyone on private plans and subsidise low-income earners to pay for it.

It’s a novel suggestion, and apart from the overwhelming unpopularity of such a policy, and the fact that it would cause untold suffering across the nation, it’s hard to see any flaws in it.

The cynical among us might suggest that the Fitzgibbon’s gutsy call for less affordable healthcare is perhaps linked to a new report that found the local private health insurance industry is in a “death spiral”.

But we prefer to be more charitable. For as Fitzgibbon made clear, his only concern is for poor Australian families, imprisoned in the hell that is universal healthcare. Could anyone be more selfless?