Rev up Your Workout With the StrongBoard Balance

After a while, the same old workout gets boring. Also, you’re never going to drop that weight if you do the same exercises day-after-day at the gym. You need to continually challenge your body to achieve the best results from your workout routine. Trying new types of workouts can help you beat boredom, speed fat loss and avoid plateaus.

strongboard balance board overview

The StrongBoard Balance offers a new way to amp up your workout routine. One of the most important components of fitness is often neglected when it comes to fitness—balance. This element of fitness is involved in many activities that you do on a daily basis as well as most sports.

strongboard balance board parallel sides view

The StrongBoard Balance requires users to find their true centre of gravity. It features a base and balancing platform that has four strategically placed springs, which make it hard to stand upright. To keep from falling over on it, your muscles must work very hard to help you balance. This muscle work helps build a stronger, more balanced core. This board is surprisingly good at challenging muscles that you might have forgotten you have.

strongboard balance board front view

This board is durable, versatile and practical. It has many applications and is used for everything from professional sports workouts to physical therapy. A variety of exercises can be performed on the StrongBoard Balance including squats, pushups and mountain climbers. It is suited for all fitness levels—from professional athletes to beginners. The StrongBoard Balance can help you get your ass in gear and supercharge your workout routine.

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strongboard balance board side view

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