Shape-Shifting xChain Should be the Next Fitness Craze

During a workout, do you push, pull and pivot? Jump, lunge and squat? Swing, rotate and hold? Does your workout sculpt, burn and condition? If you answered yes to any of the above, xChain is perfect for you.

xChain is a new type of fitness gear. It’s 4.5kg of shape-shifting weight that can form 14 different positions to be used for over 500 exercises.

xChain is suitable for any workout that uses balance; leverage; velocity; isometric-hold; mobility and three-dimensional movement training. Starting and stopping the 4.5kg of xChain requires serious power. The harder you swing, the harder you work on both ends of the movement. Start. Stop. Accelerate. Decelerate. Feel the results.

 xchain workout for fitness

xChain is made from a combination of zinc, aluminium and copper alloy, with stainless steel ball joints, anti-friction bearing washers and rubberised grips for a quality hold. A single button on each link locks and unlocks its positioning, so changing shapes is incredibly easy and secure.

xChain is compact, so it can easily be folded and stowed in a bag or cupboard and taken with you to your favourite workout destination, preferably one with a view. xChain’s versatility as fitness gear and portable nature makes it perfect for anyone always on the go who’s only got a few minutes here and there for a quick workout. Because in 2018, who has the patience for consistent trips to the gym?

 xchain zinc aluminium and copper alloy

The xChain team is campaigning via Kickstarter to fund its new fitness equipment. There’s still time to lock in an xChain for the early bird price of US $200 which includes 1 year access to xChain’s training programs. That’s around $85 off the expected retail price. xChain is available in Graphite Black and Ignite White colourways and is scheduled to ship May 2018.

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