Shirtless man holding a phone with earphones hanging around his neck

This Playlist Will Give You Bigger Gains

For millennia, man has searched for the secret of the ultimate workout playlist. And now it is here: Amazon Music, in collaboration with a team of music scientists – yep that’s a job – have devised a playlist of tracks to listen to in the gym that is scientifically proven to enhance the effects of your workout.

This is no primitive “pick a bunch of kickass songs” exercise: the researchers dug deep to find the kind of music that has a positive effect on exercising minds and bodies. “Current scientific studies show that specific musical patterns of a composition (such as a strong rhythm structure) can motivate, especially for anaerobic exercise,” said one of the boffins by way of explanation of their weird and eldritch activities. Hip-hop, rock and electronic music, with their strong beats, are generally favoured.

So not a lot of Mussorgsky or ambient rainforest.

So who’s on the list? AC/DC – OBVIOUSLY – Kendrick, Post Malone, Beck – Beck? Really? – and many more. But to actually listen to the list you have to get Amazon Music. Just ask Alexa to play the “High-Performance Workout” playlist, and you’ll be on your way to rippling muscles, flat tummies and sweat-soaked t-shirts in no time.

Well, in 60 songs’ time, to be accurate.

Amazon Music