This Playlist Will Give You Bigger Gains

For millennia, man has searched for the secret of the ultimate workout playlist. And now it is here: Amazon Music, in collaboration with a team of music scientists – yep that’s a job – have devised a playlist of tracks to listen to in the gym that is scientifically proven to enhance the effects of your workout.

This is no primitive “pick a bunch of kickass songs” exercise: the researchers dug deep to find the kind of music that has a positive effect on exercising minds and bodies. “Current scientific studies show that specific musical patterns of a composition (such as a strong rhythm structure) can motivate, especially for anaerobic exercise,” said one of the boffins by way of explanation of their weird and eldritch activities. Hip-hop, rock and electronic music, with their strong beats, are generally favoured.

So not a lot of Mussorgsky or ambient rainforest.

So who’s on the list? AC/DC – OBVIOUSLY – Kendrick, Post Malone, Beck – Beck? Really? – and many more. But to actually listen to the list you have to get Amazon Music. Just ask Alexa to play the “High-Performance Workout” playlist, and you’ll be on your way to rippling muscles, flat tummies and sweat-soaked t-shirts in no time.

Well, in 60 songs’ time, to be accurate.

Amazon Music