Tonal Gym Just Hangs Out

Tonal Gym literally hangs out in your home. The unit literally mounts to your wall just like any flat-screen TV. It consists of a vertical screen with two arms that extend into different positions according to the exercise you’re doing. The adjustable arms use an electromagnetic engine to provide the resistance up to 200 pounds, and which not only allows you to specify what weight you want, but is also interactive and reactive. As you work out, you can increase the weight with a push of the button on the handle. If Tonal sees that you are struggling to finish a set or rep, it will adjust the weight to help you get it done.

tonal gym with arm extensions out

On the screen, you will see work out sessions that define movements and repetitions as well as providing a personal coach to help guide you through each session. You can incorporate hundreds of exercises and receive suggestions based on your goals. Tonal can guide you through four programs—build muscle, balance strength, athletic performance, and getting started. And best of all, you can do all of this from the comfort of your own living room without having to invest space and money on a lot of different equipment. Tonal literally has zero footprint. Just let Tonal hang out on your wall and stop by for a daily workout.

Check it out

man exercising with tonal gym at home

man exercising tonal gym lounge room cgi metrics

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